25 May 2021
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Top Tips for Students Move In 2021

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You are probably full of mixed emotions with the prospect of moving away from home and to university. Whether you are a first year or a returning student, our list is design to enable you to put your best foot forward on your next adventure. To take the stress and worry away from the little things so you can enjoy the best parts of university, and to its fullest.


Search Accommodation

There are many choices when it comes to accommodation and deciding on which can send you in circles. It can be overwhelming to choose and the thought of being in student halls can feel too much. Operating under our student brand Xenia Students, we have a great blend between the social aspects of student hall’s but also your own personal space for some well-earned you time after your busy University schedules.


Join social media groups / University pages

The power of social media, every university will have a group page on Facebook for you to meet people either on your course or living in the same block as you. We recommend publishing a post about yourself, room and course to help connect / network you to find people in your block or course to start chatting with.

The perks of joining these pages are you are starting to form friends before you move in and able to bounce ideas off your PEER’s. Start getting excited within your community and help each other with your worries and concerns on moving away from home.


Research or Visit again with Family and Friends beforehand

Research the local area with landmarks and points of interest, such as supermarkets, nightclubs and transport. This way you can feel confident you know where to find what you need. Why not re-live the open day excitement by visiting your new city with family or friends again. Slowly ease yourself into your new city and home.


Packing list

Quite simply, start your packing early and make a list of things you need to get. Creating a packing list can ensure you don’t miss anything important off. But don’t be overwhelmed by getting everything on it, you can do this once you’ve moved in too. It will help you to get to know the area and push you out the door a bit more to explore. This list will be a great step towards being organised for independent living.


Start saving early

Working before university will make sure your first couple of weeks run smoothly. It can be expensive moving to a city, and you don’t want to miss the opening nights or activities. But don’t worry, there is plenty of free things to do too. Take advantage of the fresher’s fair, free items, big discount and societies. Remember the first line you should be saying from now on is … Do you offer student discount? you never know, they might! We recommend downloading Unidays and TOTUM to see what discounts you can get, and tick off more from the packing list.


Undergraduate Bank account & your budget

Pick your bank, as an undergraduate you now have access to Student Bank Accounts. Check out the list of ones we recommend, as you can only pick one. Each bank offers different benefits, find the best one for you.

HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays, Santander, TSB, Halifax and Nationwide

Budget your food, rent, going out money, books and other expenses. Avoid that overdraft but don’t be scared to use it and the interest free perks of having one.


In summary, Xenia Students offer ideal accommodation in Chester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sunderland and Sheffield. As well as helping you with any other queries.

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