31 May 2022
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Our volunteering for Barnabus

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How we are helping Barnabus tackle homelessness

We took part in and are now committed to supporting Barnabus, they provide hope to the homeless and vulnerable. We have spent two days there helping in the kitchen, cloak room and shower room in central Manchester. This was a rewarding and eye-opening experience, and one we want to continue to be involved in going forward.

Barnabus stands for; everyone has the right to live in their own home, the right to have friends and family who care, and the right to have a purpose in life. Most of all, we believe that everybody has the right to love. They were set up with these aims in mind and the Manchester organisation wants to give everyone these equal rights. To empower lives and give everyone the platform to make the choices they want. It was originally started in 1991 with one man, some sandwiches and a coffee flask walking the streets of Manchester to help people right on his doorstep that had nothing, this was Barnabus founder Peter Green.

From Xenia Lettings we spent some time with the crew in helping make breakfast and lunch for those that come regularly. We also, welcomed any new faces too, this experience shone a light on how everyone can make a difference if we put our minds to it and come together. We spent time welcoming them and learning about their situation, making them feel comfortable and helping in any way we could. This experience helps us feel closer to the fact that not everyone has a home and us volunteering just some of our time each month can really make a difference. Everyone who came through the door made us feel nothing but welcome. There is often a sigma placed upon homeless people, but most that you associate are wrong and ill informed. We know the regulars and any new face at Barnabus is on the right track to gain their own place to call home, as they are putting in the effort to show up to these Barnabus days to create change in their life. Seeking help isn’t always easy and the first step can be the hardest, the team at Barnabus are consistent and persistent with their help. Barnabus show committed care to everyone and this is something we truly respect and wish to continue into our own workplace and personal lives, as they algin with our core values here at Xenia Lettings.

How we are putting action to our words

We have set up the following initiatives, that we know first-hand will make a difference going forward to help tackle homelessness in Manchester:

  • Donating food items
  • Donating clothing
  • Further volunteering sessions

We have set up areas for people in the office and wider network to drop off food and clothing to help support Barnabus in their continued effort to tackle homelessness. If you’d like to be a part of this impactful cause, please get in touch with us or Barnabus. Everyone can help, and any small act makes a difference.

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